Solar Performance Monitoring

Our solar performance monitoring solution (SolarPro) has been developed from the experience of Solar O&M . This brings unmatched realtime analytics and automated MIS reports for utility solar power projects.

Check out a brief sample of few of the benefits with our Solar ERP solution... do you find as much in SCADA systems?

 1. Real time monitoring and real time reporting / MIS (no need to transfer data to excel as in many SCADA systems)

 2. Continuous performance improvement with predictive data analytics including Root cause failure analysis and lost kWh statistics

 3. Cloud based platform; NO need for a Centralized Monitoring System for large portfolios

 4. Compliant with IEC -61724 standard for data acquisition and performance monitoring of Solar PV systems

 5. Reporting at Plant, Cluster, State, Country or SPV levels; KPI calculation to each contract individually

 6. Data capture from RFID tags and module flash reports help in warranty management

 7. Transparency and Auditability of measurement protocols and procedures

 8. Access levels to share adequate information with stakeholders like Bankers, SLDC, MNRE etc

 9. Support third party access, through APIs, for custom application development in SAP/ Oracle etc

 10. Complete integration of monitoring, service management & asset management functions in one single software (Solar ERP)

What's more, SolarPro can interface with your existing SCADA system, if you already have one. SCADA, by itself, is a technical tool... whereas SolarPro is both a technical and management tool for O&M. And several of the benefits of SolarPro stated above form part of the 'Best Practices Guidelines' issued by SunSpec Alliance for performance monitoring.

So base your choice of solar performance monitoring on proven experience and be assured of long-term productivity!