Solarpro Innovation Labs


  • Fresh water conservation
  • Solar Panel Cleaning costs are rising
  • Soiling


  • Water cost and resource conservation through dry-cleaning bots
  • Increase in energy yield and productivity

Super efficient bot

Fully autonomous bot
Increased Productivity Remotely Managed
Low Upfront Investment Daily Automated Operation
Utility Scale Projects in Developing Countries Utility Scale in Developed Countries
Shares Operational Load One bot per string

Underlying Magic

Reduce water consumption by 90 %
Industry average consumption is 5mn litres of water per MWp over lifetime of 25 years
Labour productivity improvement of more than 3x over traditional cleaning.
Time taken to clean over traditional method is 20%
Cost reduction 60%* per MWp/day
Low upfront investment. Only 10% of fully autonomous bot

Market Opportunity 

  • Worldwide installed Capacity 544 GW (2018)
  • A typical 10 MWp 
    • requires an average fully 40 cleaning personnel every day x 365 days
    • Or 750 fully automated bots (High capex)
    • Super efficient bot – requires 10 bots and 10 personnel (Low Capex, Low Variable)