Solar O&M with Guaranteed PR

solar power plant designSolar O&M has evolved from the days of being an add-on to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts and has charted it's own course to become a critical component in the solar energy value chain.

Outsourcing Solar O&M offers distinct advantages:

01. It allows you to focus on your core area

02. It helps you obtain guarantees for Performance Ratio (PR), Availability and Response Times by the O&M Contractor

Outsource Automation

Our integrated O&M services come with a technical and management tool built by solar EPC and O&M professionals for their in-house needs to manage solar plants under O&M contracts

  1. A Solar ERP (SolarPro) for performance monitoring, service management and asset management
  2. It provides real-time data analysis and reporting for quick fault handling and deep diagnostics
  3. Designed on the basis of IEC 61724 standards,SolarPro operates alongside existing SCADA and / or other performance monitoring systems

Outsource Experience

We bring experience and international best practices for...

  1. Plant inspection procedures
  2. Quality Assurance Plans
  3. Checklists based periodic and predictive maintenance

Outsource Full-Spectrum O&M

More than just operational panel cleaning, housekeeping and security...

  1. Performance monitoring
  2. Energy forecasting
  3. Maintenance scheduling
  4. Periodic diagnostic studies and more... click here for a complete 'O&M scope matrix'

Outsource Guarantees

We take over the guarantees from EPC contractor for response times, availability and performance ratios. Period.
Allow us to engage and show you results !!